Green Chile Egg Salad

green chile egg salad on toast

I love egg salad and have made something approaching 79 different versions of it over the years. So when a reader recently wrote to me asking for an egg salad recipe that was all the excuse I needed to share one of them with you here.

I never much liked the bland, mayo and celery version that is the mainstay of delis and work lunches—too much mayo! But once I realized that it’s eggs and not mayo that’s the main ingredient I got pretty obsessed.
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Leanne Brown

Hi! I'm Leanne Brown, a home cook in Brooklyn by way of Canada. I write cookbooks, like the one below!

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Good and Cheap cover 2nd edition

Good and Cheap is a gorgeous cookbook for people with limited income, particularly on a $4/day food stamps budget. The PDF is free (ahora en Español!) and has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. I have more cookbooks!

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