Marinated Tofu and Red Cabbage Peanut Slaw Tacos

two tofu and peanut cabbage slaw tacos on a white background

I’ve been wanting to re-make a really delicious cabbage slaw a friend of mine made me recently—it was red cabbage in a creamy dressing with sugared, toasted nuts and mango in addition to a bunch of herbs. Just incredible. Cabbage is one of the often forgotten vegetables. It isn’t famous and fancy like kale or cauliflower, but it has great flavor and crunch and man is it a bargain! Cabbage is so inexpensive, and one head of cabbage yields a massive pile of shreds. At the same time, there has been a package of firm tofu languishing in my fridge for far too long now. And so these marinated tofu and red cabbage peanut slaw tacos are born!

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Chickpea Vegetable Bowl with Peanut Dressing

wooden bowl filled with chickpea and vegetables salad

Here’s a repost of an article and recipe I shared on Food 52. Thanks to Alpha Smoot for the beautiful photo!

You know that feeling when dinnertime is near, but you have no plan, and no time to trudge to the grocery store? Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, that is every night of my life lady—what’s your point?” Me too guys, me too. Let’s explore how to make a delicious meal when you thought you had nothing.

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Scrambled Eggs South Asian Style

white plate with pile of very yellow scrambled eggs and vegetables with cilantro on top and four pieces of roti

I’m sure no one’s mind will be blown to learn that scrambled eggs are a huge part of my weekly meal rotation. On the weekend I often make them for breakfast or brunch, but they are also my go-to for nights when I’m on my own and just want to have dinner without having to go shopping or think too deeply. It feels so good to look in the cupboard and fridge and scrounge a tasty dinner when you didn’t think you had much. Often if I have had a frustrating day where I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, the feeling of making dinner out of the cupboard can make me feel soothed and in control. Anyone else experience this?

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Curried Sweet Potato Soup

orange pot with sweet potato soup inside

This recipe is from From Scratch.

From Scratch cover 2nd edition

My first book! From Scratch is a vegetarian cookbook intended for people just becoming comfortable in their own kitchens. Just like with Good and Cheap, the PDF is free. Print copies are a pricier than you might expect because this book is printed on demand (1 copy at a time).

January makes me want to eat soup. Actually even more than eating soup it makes me want to make soup. This curried sweet potato soup is from my first cookbook, From Scratch. It’s super hearty and satisfying, and the thick texture makes it feel like it’s really sticking to your ribs! But since January is, for so many, a time to focus on eating more vegetables and generally taking care of our health, this soup also fits the health bill. It’s basically a pot of puréed vegetables, but you will feel a lot more full (and warm!) than if you just drank a bunch of green juice.

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Good Enough cover

My newest creation, Good Enough, is a self-care cookbook that offers personal and vulnerable storytelling, delicious recipes, and encouraging advice to teach you how to accept yourself, love yourself, and find peace through the act of cooking. Learn more here!

Good and Cheap cover 2nd edition

Good and Cheap is a gorgeous cookbook for people with limited income, particularly on a $4/day food stamps budget. The PDF is free (ahora en Español!) and has been downloaded over 15,000,000 times. For more info, see All About Good and Cheap and Donation Impact.

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