Asparagus Pizza

We have been eating a lot of Grandma style pizza from a local joint lately. Grandma style pizza is baked in a pan and usually topped with garlic, olive oil, barely cooked tomato sauce and mozzarella. It’s awesome. The crust isn’t thick, but it gets a little crispy on the bottom and around the edges where crust and cheese meet pan.

So here is my spring Grandma pizza. A white pie with ribbons of fresh asparagus and ricotta (home-made if you’ve got it). You make the dough overnight or same day depending on the time you have. The overnight dough will be tastier and a little easier to work with. The same day dough will be faster!

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Ramp Pesto

Getting excited about ramp season is soooo 2 years ago. But the fun thing about ramps is that they are gone before you get sick of them. Also their lightly garlicky flavor, their bright green color and general versatility are a bonus.

Since they are available for a limited time, ramps tend to be pricier than your average allium. So we have to make them last and we have to make sure their flavor is amplified. Enter pesto. By making these little beauties into pesto we can have them on all kinds of things all week, on pasta, over veggies, in salad dressing, with scrambled eggs, on grilled fish or meat. Or you can serve it up as I did today, over some fresh ricotta on crunchy toast.

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Soft Boiled Egg Breakfast Salad

Kale Caesar salad with a two halves of a soft boiled egg on top

We eat this kale salad in our house constantly and I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy it. If you have been over for a meal chances are you have tasted some version of this thing. It’s more or less the Kale Salad from Good and Cheap. It’s great just as is, but lately I’ve been making additions to it, like adding roasted squash, sliced pickles, roasted cauliflower, olives, whatever! This week I tried adding a soft boiled egg, and it might just be the best thing yet. Adding an egg instantly turns this into breakfast salad.  Keep reading

Leanne Brown

Hi, I'm Leanne Brown. I’m a bestselling cookbook author. I want to help you find peace, healing and freedom through cooking.

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Good Enough cover

My newest creation, Good Enough, is a self-care cookbook that offers personal and vulnerable storytelling, delicious recipes, and encouraging advice to teach you how to accept yourself, love yourself, and find peace through the act of cooking. Learn more here!

Good and Cheap cover 2nd edition

Good and Cheap is a gorgeous cookbook for people with limited income, particularly on a $4/day food stamps budget. The PDF is free (ahora en Español!) and has been downloaded over 15,000,000 times. For more info, see All About Good and Cheap and Donation Impact.

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