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Hi, I’m Leanne Brown, cookbook author and your guide to becoming the intuitive, dynamic home cook you are meant to be. For years people have come up to me to say “I am a terrible cook.” And I wrote two books to try to address these issues! But now I want to do MORE. Regardless of experience and skill level, if you long to cook without anxiety or uncertainty, I am here for you!
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Let me teach you how to be the intuitive, dynamic food creator you dream of; you were given that dream because that is who you are meant to be.

For just $5/month you get a live/recorded cooking class every week where we dive deep into how I make cooking a nervous system-regulating activity. We release our focus on the end result of our cooking and focus on the process, building our confidence and sense of belonging. So simple and yet so transformative. Please join me and let’s create this community together!

Come to an in-person Mini Retreat!

I offer monthly in-person Yoga and Embodied Cooking Mini-Retreats in Brooklyn. I would love to host you!

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Want to learn to cook with me?

Feel like you can’t cook or hate cooking, but want to learn this precious skill? Want to just make food without fear, guilt, worry, or frustration? Or simply want to learn how to cook for the first time? Work with me 1-on-1 to address whatever your root issues are and learn the techniques of cooking skills alongside simple emotion regulating skills so you can become the relaxed and easeful cook of your dreams.

I have taught anxious parents, people who think they are too old to learn, total newbies and more to find their way in the kitchen. I promise you are not hopeless.

Book a discovery call with me and see if we should work together. I offer a sliding scale for every budget. We can cook virtually so you can be in your own kitchen or in-person if you are local to New York City.

Leanne Brown

Hi, I'm Leanne Brown. I’m a bestselling cookbook author. I want to help you find peace, healing and freedom through cooking.

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Good Enough cover

My newest creation, Good Enough, is a self-care cookbook that offers personal and vulnerable storytelling, delicious recipes, and encouraging advice to teach you how to accept yourself, love yourself, and find peace through the act of cooking. Learn more here!

Good and Cheap cover 2nd edition

Good and Cheap is a gorgeous cookbook for people with limited income, particularly on a $4/day food stamps budget. The PDF is free (ahora en Español!) and has been downloaded over 15,000,000 times. For more info, see All About Good and Cheap and Donation Impact.

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