Whipped Cream Meets Fruit

whipped cream with mango, oranges and raspberries in cups with gold spoons

When I was a kid I always thought that dipping strawberries into cream looked like the greatest idea anyone had ever had. In our house whipped cream was something we would get every once in a while on a special occasion as part of a dessert. You ate it serenely on top of something wonderful and appreciated it because it was a rarity. Fast-forward to a few days ago, listening to The Sporkful—a wonderful podcast centered around eating and human behavior—and the host, Dan Pashman, proclaims that his new years resolution is to eat more home made whipped cream. I am struck. Me too Dan, me too. Let’s eat fruit and whipped cream right now, in the middle of winter. Today I experimented with frozen mango and raspberries and fresh oranges. All were great, but raspberry was probably the favorite.

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Leanne Brown

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