Avocado, White Bean and Grapefruit Toasts

naan bread piled high with avocado, white bean and grapefruit salad

Another quick lunch idea I thought I’d share. This is a cold salad on top of warm toast (well naan bread in my case, but use what you have on hand). With the cold weather, I’ve been pretty uninterested in eating anything cold lately, but this had a warm enough overall vibe to be appealing even on a dreary, rainy winter day. Avocados and grapefruit have both been on mega sale lately so I have quite a few hanging around. The avocados are perfectly ripe and I am feeling pressure to eat them before they go off. So today I thought I’d make an extra fancy avocado toast by combining tangy grapefruit and creamy, savory white beans with the avocado.

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Leanne Brown

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