Chickpeas Supreme

bowl of chickpeas and vegetables in creamy cashew dressing on slate background

It’s starting to be the summer now. Mostly. Barely. And that definitely changes the kinds of things I want to eat for lunch.

A friend got me thinking about how in general those of us who work in the world of food don’t tend to share our regular meals with people. Largely because, just like everyone else, most of them are unglamorous and expedient. I might share the amazing donuts I got, but not the bowl of cereal or the bell pepper with hummus.

So with that in mind, here is a meal I make a lot when I’m on my own during the warmer months. I think of it as “can of chickpeas+” so that means a can of chickpeas (sometimes I do other beans, but they aren’t quite as appealing cold) and whatever else is hanging out in my vegetable drawer. This is what I had today! The dressing is also extremely changeable, but I do try to add quite a bit of flavor in the dressing since the chickpeas soak it up so well. Keep reading

Classic Sesame Noodles with Cucumbers

white bowl with sesame noodles topped with cucumbers and scallions

This recipe is a play on a classic Chinese takeout dish, sesame noodles, and it’s so easy to make at home. Hopefully you have most of these ingredients kicking around the fridge. It’s a great Friday meal when you are running lower on fresh produce, but you aren’t quite ready for a weekend grocery shopping trip yet.

This is the final day of noodle salads for a week’s worth of different noodle based lunches. See the full post with all recipe links here.

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5 Days of Noodley Lunches

Rather than the usual recipe plus explanation of why you should try it, this week I thought I’d give you a week’s worth of lunch plans. It’s the summer. Did you guys notice? It’s hot. Here’s what happens for me when it’s like this. My appetite goes down during the day and I basically just want to eat watermelon. Then the sun goes down and I’m ravenous and cranky. Not the best or smartest way to live. I think we can all agree.

Enter cold noodle salads. I can always make room for some cold noodles for lunch! And they are so fast. The slowest part is waiting for the water to boil for the noodles. So let’s get efficient and commit to noodle lunches all week and cook them all in one big batch. Then all you have to do is grab your cooked noodles and toss them with whatever you have in the fridge. And did I mention this is pretty darn inexpensive?

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Happy Birthday, Mum!

One of my favorite things is to design meals or recipes for my family and friends that is specific to their loves and needs. There’s something so satisfying about having an audience who you understand and can make something totally personalized for.

Today is my wonderful mother’s birthday, and since we can’t be in the same place I did the next best thing to making her birthday dinner. I came up with a meal I thought she’d love—salad, entree, and dessert, recipes below—and tasked my sisters and Dad with making it for her. Thanks guys! I thought you guys might like it too. Maybe some of you can make this for mother’s day if you have a Mum like mine!

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