Scrambled Eggs South Asian Style

white plate with pile of very yellow scrambled eggs and vegetables with cilantro on top and four pieces of roti

I’m sure no one’s mind will be blown to learn that scrambled eggs are a huge part of my weekly meal rotation. On the weekend I often make them for breakfast or brunch, but they are also my go-to for nights when I’m on my own and just want to have dinner without having to go shopping or think too deeply. It feels so good to look in the cupboard and fridge and scrounge a tasty dinner when you didn’t think you had much. Often if I have had a frustrating day where I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, the feeling of making dinner out of the cupboard can make me feel soothed and in control. Anyone else experience this?

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Leanne Brown

Hi, I'm Leanne Brown. I’m a bestselling cookbook author. I want to help you find peace, healing and freedom through cooking.

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