Marinated Tofu and Red Cabbage Peanut Slaw Tacos

two tofu and peanut cabbage slaw tacos on a white background

I’ve been wanting to re-make a really delicious cabbage slaw a friend of mine made me recently—it was red cabbage in a creamy dressing with sugared, toasted nuts and mango in addition to a bunch of herbs. Just incredible. Cabbage is one of the often forgotten vegetables. It isn’t famous and fancy like kale or cauliflower, but it has great flavor and crunch and man is it a bargain! Cabbage is so inexpensive, and one head of cabbage yields a massive pile of shreds. At the same time, there has been a package of firm tofu languishing in my fridge for far too long now. And so these marinated tofu and red cabbage peanut slaw tacos are born!

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Chickpea Vegetable Bowl with Peanut Dressing

wooden bowl filled with chickpea and vegetables salad

Here’s a repost of an article and recipe I shared on Food 52. Thanks to Alpha Smoot for the beautiful photo!

You know that feeling when dinnertime is near, but you have no plan, and no time to trudge to the grocery store? Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, that is every night of my life lady—what’s your point?” Me too guys, me too. Let’s explore how to make a delicious meal when you thought you had nothing.

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Banh Mi Salad

large bowl and small bowl of banh mi salad with dish towel

A banh mi is one of the best sandwiches on earth. So as a salad? I’m so here for it!

I just don’t like mayo. My potato salad uses lemon and olive oil instead of mayo, my egg salad has as little as possible, I don’t need gobs of it coming out of my BLT. And yet there is a strange exception. On a Banh Mi the creamy, tangy mayonnaise is just delicious. In fact, when it’s a gooshy bite with (dare I say) a little too much mayo? Well, those are the best bites. I savour them and close my eyes. WHO AM I?

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